Historical Windows

Historical Windows

Cape Cod isn’t just a place. On the contrary, it is also a well-known and well-loved style of house. Many of the homes dotting the seaside communities of Cape Cod are beautiful old homes with historic significance and traditional beauty. The charms of these homes are among the top draws of the area for young families and retirees alike.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever—not even traditional homes. If you have a historical Cape Cod style home with cracked or molding windows, Custom Crafted Homes can help. We specialize in window replacements and can provide new windows for your home that deliver modern convenience (such as sliding windows) without sacrificing traditional look.

If you need to replace a historical or vintage window in Cape Cod or Provincetown, just give us a call. We will visit your home, photograph your windows, and come up with a replacement option that closely matches the style and look of the original. Once our installation is complete, you will hardly even notice that we’ve changed out your windows. The overall look will be almost identical, but you will have a window that is clean, unbroken, and new instead of one that is old, drafty, or cracked.

Best of all, you can expect our historical or traditional window replacements to stand the test of time. We offer a five year warranty coverage on all our window installations. We are also proud to say that Custom Crafted Homes are certified InstallationMasters installers. The InstallationMasters program was designed to help window installers improve the speed, reliability, and energy efficiency of their window installations. It is proof that we can provide satisfactory results to our customers every single time.

At Custom Crafted Homes, we dedicate ourselves to helping homeowners maintain the traditional Cape Cod charm of their historical or classic homes. If you need help replacing a historical window in your Cape Cod or Provincetown home but don’t want to sacrifice the traditional look of what you have now, give us a call today. You can reach Custom Crafted Homes by calling 844-357-1749.