Hurricane Windows

Hurricane Windows

Coastal and waterfront homes on Cape Cod without hurricane windows are vulnerable to damage from storms with high-bearing winds, such as hurricanes, blizzards & tropical storms. Cape Cod has been hit hard before and will certainly contend with many storms again in the future. For those of you with waterfront homes, boarding up your windows with plywood can provide some protection from these storms, but it’s a process that takes time—a luxury you might not necessarily have when preparing for a fast-moving storm.

Instead of relying on plywood to protect your windows, why not just invest in windows that are capable of bearing the brunt of heavy winds, rain and snow? At Custom Crafted Homes, we specialize in high-quality window installation on Cape Cod and Provincetown, including hurricane windows.

Coastal and Waterfront property homeowners should consider installing hurricane windows the next time you need to replace the windows on your house. Crafted from laminated, impact-resistant glass—not unlike what you have on the windshield of your car—our hurricane windows can protect your home and the possessions inside from harsh and unpredictable storms.

Whether you are looking for hurricane windows for your home or business, you can rely on Custom Crafted Homes to deliver some of the finest windows in Cape Cod. Our windows are always backed by a five-year warranty. In other words, if your window is cracked or broken in a storm and it’s been four years since the installation, we will come in and fix or replace it for you at no cost. We stand by the strength and quality of our hurricane windows, and we want you to be able to do the same.

Strength and durability aren’t our only concerns when installing hurricane windows, either. On the contrary, as a traditional Cape Cod company, we want you to enjoy the gorgeous aesthetic of traditional Cape Cod windows. As such, all our hurricane windows are beautiful, artful and built to last.

Interested in learning more about Custom Crafted Homes and our hurricane window installations in Cape Cod and Provincetown? Call us toll free at 844-357-1749 to discuss windows and financing.