Finished Basements

Finished Basements

In many Cape Cod homes, the basement is the forgotten room. Often featuring low ceilings and few windows, the basement is an unlikely area for comfortable living.

Custom Crafted Homes loves basements. Our talented team can create an exercise workout space… a TV and media zone… a private and efficient office area… an entertainment center or a ‘mancave’ for watching sports… areas for crafts, woodworking, or kid play.

Custom Crafted Homes can enlarge windows, use light color paints and mirrors to increase a sense of roominess, and build in plenty of storage. With the right design and mix of elements, your basement becomes a fun and functional addition to your living space.

What We Provide

Custom Crafted Homes talented design and construction team will transform an unfinished basement into a hub for gathering and activities, an extension of your lifestyle. As with all Custom Crafted Homes projects, we consult with you at each stage of the project, keeping you informed of our progress and adapting to create your perfect living space. Our services include:
  • Basement design and construction services
  • Updated timeline to completion
  • Experienced project management
  • Comprehensive quality construction services
  • Site clean-up


As a carpenter, and remodeler myself for many years, I am particular about quality and professionalism. CCH provided me with both and I knew they were the right company when I said, in my head, “I couldn’t have done a better job myself!” Knowing the business well, it was hard to be a ‘client’ for the first time. Jeff and Chris put me at ease and delivered on all the promises made. They even went above and beyond and cleared a mountain of old cardboard out of my garage without even being asked, once they knew I wanted it gone. This is a hard business, and to do it right, while making it look easy, is a skill that takes years to master. I feel fortunate that I found this crew to do the work on my home. Thanks! Rick C.