Remodeling a home on Cape Cod anywhere from Provincetown, Welfleet, Truro, Eastham to Sandwich, Barnstable or Yarmouth can mean anything from restoring old floors to completely redesigning a part of your home into an entire different purpose or feel. With architectural and decorative changes a dated house and can turned into a welcoming space for you and your family. There are a multitude of reasons you could be interested in renovating your home. Perhaps structural changes are necessary to keep your home safe. You may want to upgrade part of your abode to increase the value for resale. Maybe you would like to convert a basement into a playroom for your kids, or transform your bathroom or kitchen into a place of serenity and efficiency. Regardless of your reasoning, the experienced team at Custom Crafted Homes is ready and able to support and guide you through the entire process.

What We Offer

Custom Crafted Homes is unique due to the specific personal experience they provide. There is always a capable helpful team member to aide you in any questions, concerns or thoughts you may have with your remodel. Here, we have project managers who work directly with you on your timeline, purchases involved and communicate with you every step of your developing renovation. We work with you with this specialized team to support you through any kind of renovation, whether that be working in your kitchen, bathroom, living or dining room, basement or any other aspect of your home. Our crew of knowledgeable team members are polite, clean, courteous, punctual and offer a community feel. Contact Custom Crafted Homes today to schedule your free estimate to make your dream home a reality one step at a time!

  • Design services for every point of execution in your remodel
  • Cloud based project management software
  • Free estimate
  • Updated timeline to completion
  • Experienced project management
  • Quality construction craftsmanship
  • Site clean-up


Review by Laurel B. in Rutland, MA

Project: Repair Carpentry Framing

I didn’t know what I was going to do! My Mom’s home in Yarmouth Port needed work. I live 2 and a half hours away from my Mom. I couldn’t be there to check on the work and I had concerns about the price. Trim was rotting, the framing in the Sunroom was disintegrating, and the 30 year old Sunroom Sliders were compromised. Then I found Jeff Baroni and Custom Crafted Homes ( He was so professional, it was obvious, he was an expert and he was so kind to my Mom who has dementia. The work we wanted done proved to be more expense than we thought. Jeff worked with us to bring that price down and went out of his way to respect Mom’s budget. Mom is thrilled with the work (and so am I!). Everything detail was finished beautifully. The workspace was spotless. She reported that the guys working out there were gentlemen. They talked about the Red Sox game the night before. No fowl talk while they worked. The work that Custom Crafted Homes has done for Mom is completed, is top notch and clean. The Sunroom sparkled and looked better than I could have imagined. Jeff, Paula, and the crew are professional, friendly and competent. We are having more work done by Custom Crafted Homes on Mom’s house. Jeff has been willing to work piece by piece with us. We are extremely happy customers. ***** 5 star rating!