Historic Renovations

Historic Renovations

Old homes are often incredibly beautiful and exceedingly well-built. They are full of character and charm that only comes from decades’ worth of stories and lives. However, old homes also have their drawbacks. Appliances break down; wiring goes out of code; kitchens and bathrooms fall out of step with modern needs.

At Custom Crafted Homes, we can help you remodel and restore a historic home so that it suits the needs of your fast-paced, contemporary family. If your home has “good bones” but needs a makeover, to be brought up to code or if you are interested in expanding, our team can help.

Our team is a great fit for any historic home renovation due to the range of different design and building services we provide. To help you turn an old, tired home into a new, vibrant space we offer:

Full electrical work:

Strip out the wiring in your house for replacement electrical work that is safe, more efficient, and up-to-date with the latest standards.

Plumbing work:

Whether your home has an issue with leaky or rusty pipes, water-wasting toilets, or old sinks and bathtubs that are ready to be replaced, Custom Crafted Homes can handle any plumbing installations or repairs that you need.

Window installation:

Over time, windows can become warped, cracked, water damaged, or otherwise worn down. Our team at Custom Crafted Homes specializes in helping homeowners select and install windows that match the classic historical style of their residences. (link to historical windows).

Kitchen and bathroom renovations:

The styles, technologies, and trends in kitchen and bathroom design evolve more quickly than other facets of home architecture. As a result, kitchen and bathroom renovations are especially popular among historic homeowners. Custom Crafted Homes can help you achieve a modern kitchen or bathroom within a classic home.

Just because a home is old in years doesn’t mean that it cannot be an efficiently functioning home. With a historic renovation from Custom Crafted Homes, you can update your home with the amenities of the 21st century without sacrificing the beauty and character that you love so much about your home.